Caribbean is a quality apparel brand that has been making waves since 2010. We manufacture and distribute footwear, having three things in mind: outstanding quality, creative design, and affordable price. With our production techniques, we commit ourselves to bringing forth comfortable and durable footwear that will last your series of little adventures. Coupling the quality with designs and colors reminiscent of places you’ve gone or aspire to go to, Caribbean encourages you to go beyond and explore, yet also identifies with you by matching the pairs with your personal style. Set at an affordable price range, Caribbean allows you to grab a pair—and even a collection—you can call your own.


With Caribbean, you can wander, with wonder.


The founders of Caribbean are brothers Peter and Joseph, who hailed from Hong Kong. Settling in the Philippines, these brothers came to understand the importance of movement and exploration, and thus went into the rubber sole manufacturing business along with their dad. For several years, they would supply some of their molded soles to many shoemakers in Marikina and Biñan, and from this venture, they saw the importance of quality in their products above all else. Since, they’ve committed themselves to offering quality, whatever they produce from their continual attempts at innovation.


In the years that followed, they continually probed the industry to search for products that they could proudly offer the people. They sought out new designs and new production techniques to bring out stylish and affordable footwear—without compromising comfort and durability.


That is how Caribbean came to be. In 2010, Peter and Joseph launched what would be the fast-growing business of the brothers, promoting quality and style in your own little adventures.


Having its first appearance in an outlet in Libertad, Caribbean is now distributed in more than 500 outlets in the Philippines and is continuing to grow so we can be with you as you wander with wonder.


We saw the need to go green to help save and preserve the environment which is why our slippers are 100% eco-friendly and made from recycled materials.


A good look and high durability all at a very affordable price. But then we asked ourselves "Why stop there?" which is why we also made it smell good! Each Caribbean slipper has its own unique scent that will surely bring you delight!